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Disc to Computer
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Disc To Computer software is capable of copying data from multiple discs to PC with disc autoloaders. Disc to Computer allows data ripping process to be done efficiently and effortlessly without manually loading discs.

Features of Disc to Computer:

  • Support internal and external RW drives and disc autoloaders.
  • With disc autoloaders, unreadable discs can be automatically separated from good copies.
  • Can rip to specific folder, or have sub folders generated for each disc.
  • Folder names can be generated automatically with date and time, or serial numbers.
  • Based on disc types, data from CD, DVD and Blu-ray can be saved to specific folders.
  • Allows options to keep the original files, replace or rename when duplicate files exist.
  • Generate reports.
  • Multiple language support available.

Download Disc To Computer (Win) Disc To Computer for Windows

  • Version:
  • License: Free (No-Limitaion)
  • Language: English, Chinese version
  • File size: 3,387 KB



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