QQGetTray is a software utility that enables Nimbie USB auto-loader to automatically load and unload discs with selected third party software applications


QQripper is the autoloader software to automate the ripping of a stack of music discs (to convert audio tracks from music CD to digital files) to supported storage devices such as hard disk, iPod or MP3 player.


QQlabeler is graphic design software for creating optical disc labels. After the label is created it can be accessed and printed through supported automated publishers or by other Broadex Systems Inc. programs.


QQScan2Disc is the automation software that will scan multi-page paper, convert the scanned images to PDF and burn the files on discs in one hotkey.


QQindex is a disc index program which can help users to search and create database more quickly and more convenient by letting users easy to manage...

QQhandy for Nero

QQhandy for Nero is a free plug-in program which will enables Nero Express to work with CD/DVD auto-loaders such as Nimbie, JuniBox, DupliQ and Minicubis.

Disc to Computer

Disc To Computer software is capable of copying data from multiple discs to PC with disc autoloaders. Disc to Computer allows data ripping process to be done efficiently and effortlessly without manually loading discs.

Disc Archiver

Disc Archiver is specifically designed for disc archiving applications. Simply select all the files that you wish to back up, Disc Archiver can automatically calculate required disc amount and span data to multiple discs. Users only need to feed blank discs according to on screen prompts. (Hands free operation with Disc Autoloader!)