How-to and Tips

This is the place you can find some tips and how-to about optical storage, disc burning and some other related area.

If you wish to restore backup data to its original path and folder structure in the future, simply check the option Insert Index File under Burn Settings > Burning Options. An index (.db) file will be created on each backup disc.

The spec of DVD players are required to play dual-layer discs. Therefore, there are only few DVD players that are not able to read dual-layer DVDs. Even if they don't, it supposed to be malfunction and you should probably send them back to manufacturer.

You can't. On the other hand, you can create a multisession CD or DVD that put the "right" data in the other session. But the "wrong" data will stay there forever. Well, unless you destroy the disc. Moreover, this don't work on audio CDs because all CD players can only play the first session.

Of course you can. But sometimes you will suffer generation loss.

Well, actually you can't, unless you own a disc replication factory or at least related equipments. However, you can ask a  disc replication factory to do this for you.

There are many factors to turn a movie into DVD, and if any of them got troubled the movie might not be able to turn into DVD. It could be the copy right issues. It could be marketing strategy. It could even be the issue of government......maybe the big heads don't like the ideas in the movie.

Try not to do so. Yes, with proper software, proper burner and proper reader, you can actually squeeze more data/audio/video data into a CD/DVD. However, they specify the maximum amount of CD/DVD for reasons, and these reasons are good and you shouldn't mess with it.

The reason you want to do this probably because you want to practice your vocal skill without disturbed by the original singer, or you want to host your own karaoke. No matter what, it is almost impossible to claim the clean, original songs without vocal.