Frequently Asked Questions


How to check the Autoloader Installation?

You may go to Windows Control Panel -> System -> Hardware -> Device Manager to check for the existing entities related to autoloader to see if it has been successfully installed:

  1. Disc Autoloader (or similar device group)

    Check for the name of the autoloader to see if Windows has successfully detected it.

  2. DVD/CD-ROM Drives

    All the drives detected by Windows shall be listed, including the drive in the host computer, externally attached, and in the attached autoloader. Check for the name of the drive in the autoloader.

  3. Universal Serial Bus controllers

    Check for the USB devices related to the autoloader. It may include one Generic USB Hub and one USB Mass Storage Device.

To further identify the entities related to the autoloader, unplug the autoloader from the host computer and watch for all entities disappear. To re-confirm the entities, re-plug the autoloader on and watch for the items being added.

The autoloader doesn't unload a disc after disc ripped or copied.

Make sure the software’s settings or preferences had been set as:

  1. Auto-process when the disc loaded into the CD/DVD drive.
  2. Eject the disc after job done.
  3. Select the CD/DVD drive as the autoloader’s external drive.


  • iTunes

    Set iTunes to Import and Eject in Edit -> Preferences window.

  • Windows Media Player

    Set Rip CD Automatically When Inserted to Always, and check Eject CD After Ripping option in the Rip tab.

What should I do when software can not detect autoloader online?

please following:

  • Make sure the disc autoloader is connected to PC via USB 2.0 and the power is on.
  • Make sure the autoloader's LED display is in ready status.
  • Make sure the disc autoloader's driver is installed properly. Refer to theSoftware Installation section to install the driver.
  • Change another USB slot on PC to check the connection.

After I launched QQripper, the message is pending at Initializing Error, what shall I do?

Your system (In Windows registry) may have previously installed QQripper components. Be sure to remove the old installation (and all components) before installing a new version of QQripper.

The Exit button on QQripper window is inaccessible, what shall I do?

If the Exit button is inaccessible, go to Windows Task Manager -> Application (or Processes), highlight QQripper and click End Task (End Process) to exit it.

Shall I keep Windows Media Player or iTunes open before running QQripper?

No. Always close Windows Media player and iTunes before running QQripper. QQripper will automatically incorporate the selected ripping software.

May I rip non-music discs with QQripper?

Do not use other than music discs with QQripper. Non-music discs will not be ripped and may cause system problem or hanging.

May I rip non-standard format music discs?

QQripper does not support CD-Extra, CCCD (Copy Control CD) and other non-standard format music discs.

May I rip scratched or bent music discs?

Do not use scratched or bent discs for ripping. Poor quality discs will result in poor quality audio files. It may cause system problem or hang, or may damage the disc drive and/or autoloader.

Where will the converted audio files be saved?

The files will be saved to the folder assigned by the selected ripping software, check Windows Media Player or iTunes settings.

Will QQripper overwrite the audio files that already exist in the destination folder?

It actually depends on the ripping software. Go to the ripping software to check the characteristics or settings.

Do I need Internet connection to use QQripper?

Windows Media Player and iTunes could search the Internet for metadata of music discs, including the name of songs, artists and albums. Make sure this feature of the ripping software is turned on and the host computer is connected to the Internet.

Why are the converted audio files named by track numbers but not by the song’s or artist’s name?

Go to the ripping software to set up the naming rules for converted audio files. In case an album is not listed in CDDB database (such as a self-burned audio disc or some obsolete discs), your ripping software may use track numbers to name the converted audio files.

Why did QQripper fail to start ripping after a disc has been loaded into the drive?

QQripper requires Autorun for the optical disc drive to be turned on. See Reference Links about Ripping Music CD for information.

Why did QQripper stop after ripping the first CD (and does not process the next disc)?

Check for the installation of autoloader and the ripping software settings. You may try the following processes:

  1. Close Windows Media Player and iTunes
  2. Close QQripper
  3. Safely remove the autoloader and disconnect the hardware
  4. Restart your computer
  5. Reconnect the autoloader and run QQripper

Why does QQripper fail the initialization of autoloader?

Make sure the autoloader and device drivers are successfully installed on the host computer. If it is power-off, close QQripper, turn on the power of the autoloader then re-launch QQripper.

Refer to the Inspecting the Autoloader Installation section to see if the autoloader has been successfully installed.


What should I do if the QQlabeler window disappears or if QQlabeler operation buttons do not work?

Stop all other programs, save your current work; then, reboot the computer and the auto-loader.

Can I use QQlabeler to print my disc labels?

QQlabeler allows label creation, but will not print labels to disc. To print labels to disc, you will need printing software compatible with your automated publisher.


How do I know whether a device is installed properly?

You can open Device Manager by double-clicking on the System icon in Control Panel, choose the Hardware tab, and click Device Manager. Check if the device is displayed on the hardware list without alert.

What should I do if the device driver cannot be installed properly?

If the computer does not automatically prompt for device driver installation of an auto-duplicator, for example, reinstall the driver manually by:

  1. Power on the auto-duplicator; plug it to the host computer.
  2. If the computer did not show the driver installing window, right click on My Computer and choose Properties.
  3. In System Properties window, click Device Manager > Hardware.
  4. In Device Manager window, there may be un-recognized device listed with a !icon. Right click the device, click on Properties.
  5. Choose Reinstall Drivers to reinstall device driver. It shall need the driver on a CD or an accessible path (such as hard disk).

It is recommended, always update the host computer to the latest version of motherboard firmware and Windows Operating System.

Where are scan and converted files located?

The scan files and converted files are located either at the directory assigned by the scanner’s utility program, or the working directory of QQScan2Disc where is:
C:\Program Files\Broadex Systems\QQScan2Disc\Queue\

How can I delete left over files?

There are abnormal cases that files may be left over and can’t be delete on Main Screen. To have them deleted, use Windows Explorer and go to the directory assigned by the scanner’s utility program, or the working or assigned directory of QQScan2Disc.


How to disable AutoRun function of your PC?

You may have to disable your computer’s AutoRun function if your computer tries to launch a program when you insert a disc, play a music CD automatically. Please turn off the AutoRun feature in your Windows system. Otherwise, the copied job might be interrupted by insert a master disc, and your computer will try to run a program or play automatically.

The way to disable AutoRun function in Windows XP and 2000 is as followed:

  1. Click on the Windows Start button, select Run. Type regedit into the space. Click OK.
  2. The Registry Editor will be run. Click on HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, then SYSTEM, then Current Control Set, and then Services.
  3. Scroll down until you find a folder called CDROM and click on it. On the right side of the screen, you will see an AutoRun entry. Double-click on the file name and a new window will open, allowing you to change the value from 1 to 0 for disabled. Click OK and close the Registry Editor.
  4. Reboot your computer to start the new setting of AutoRun.
QQhandy for Nero

I am fine with Nero, why shall I need QQhandy?

With QQhandy, Nero can communicate with an auto-loader. Say, you want to read, rip or burn 25 discs. Without an auto-loader, you shall manually load and unload disc 25 times. With QQhandy and a supported auto-loader, the job can be automated. QQhandy will free you from the boring jobs of loading and unloading discs.

What is a CD/DVD auto-loader?

CD/DVD auto-loader is a mechanism aid to load and unload CD/DVD discs as desired. It will save you time and labor from reiterative works in disc loading and unloading. Say, if you will rip music CDs for your MP3 player. Without an auto-loader, you shall manually load and unload discs all the times. With an auto-loader, it will load and unload discs for you. The ripping job can then be done automated. The auto-loader an also automated your CD/DVD recording jobs, depends on the application software.

What is a fully installed Nero version?

A fully installed Nero version means the Nero software has a serial number for upgrading an OEM version to a full-functions version. Most of users may only receive a copy of an OEM version that is provided by the hardware manufacturer. You may get a serial number for upgrade from Nero AG if your Nero is an OEM version. QQhandy for Nero can only works with a fully installed Nero.