About Us

At Broadex, our mission is to provide software applications for automated CD/DVD handling solutions.

In today's digital world, CD and DVD are surrounding us all over the offices and families. But, many of us handle discs manually, for example, sitting in front of computer or recorder and feeding discs one by one to get them read or burnt. It is a sin to waste your valuable life on boring disc-feeding jobs. Why not employ an auto-loader and spare your time for families, friends, colleagues or yourself?

Nowadays, off-the-shelf there are affordable auto-loaders from selected manufacturers. In addition to the software coming with the auto-loader, from time to time for various application, additional software shall be required to get the things done. By keeping up with the latest auto-loader and CD/DVD technologies, Broadex continues to improve and release software for automated CD/DVD reading and recording applications to meet your requirements.

Your feedback and suggestions are most welcome. If you might get any idea that would make CD & DVD automation done in a way more convenient, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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